Mobile Safaris

This is a non-permanent camp the wilderness which is not fenced. It is very remote and you are very exclusive (private) only one company can use a site at a time. In these camps you can do two game drives per day, morning and afternoon. On day of moving to the next camp the excursion will include a game drive on the way and a picnic lunch on the way before arriving at the next camp.

Experience the very best of Botswana on a private, set-departure Botswana Mobile Camping Expedition. Perfect for families or groups looking for a privately guided experience; you now have the opportunity to embark on one of our six incredible itineraries and can choose a private guide, from our selection of Botswana safari experts, who will accompany you throughout on your journey.

Benefit the most out of our specials:

Luxury Safari, Mobile Safaris, Budget Safari and Tailored Safari

Budget Safari

This package is made for you the penny saver. With our bow tents, we offer all meals, a 6 day Safari in drinks on you and we are set for the adventure. We make Botswana an Affordable safari destination without losing any quality.

It’s no wonder a Migratory Safari is the ultimate grail for many nature travelers. Yet a safari can feel like an elusive dream if you’re a budget traveler. Migratory’s premier safari camps are among the most exclusive accommodations in the world, frequently topping very less per person per night or week.

Luxury Safari

You can also see, do and even taste much more – think top-of-the-range off-road vehicles, fly-in safaris and contemporary. The entire experience is enriched by cultural, historical and environmental orientation as well as knowing that as a guest you are integral to a sustainable and holistic conservation model. So – adventure, wildlife, cultural enrichment and world-class hospitality – what’s not to love about Migratory safari service?

Migratory’s Camp service offers the opportunity to explore the unusual landscape and wildlife of the Kalahari Desert. Beautifully ornate Kalahari Sahara deluxe tent make you feel like royalty are a fitting gesture to the camp’s semi-desert environment.

Tailored Safari

This is when we craft a safari for you based on your unique requirements. We have a team of knowledgeable, well-traveled and professional staff who will customize your trip to suit your specific interests, requirements and budget.

We offer visitors a highly enjoyable and flexible way to see the truly extraordinary wildlife of Botswana in the unique landscape. Our normal Safari is 6 days long but our clients are welcome to extend or change it to suit their needs with our tailor made safari package.

Our tour consultants are all dedicated travelers, work closely with you or your travel professional to create a made-to-order journey of a lifetime, optimized to make sure you get the most out of every moment. Whether working with your travel professional or directly with you, our Travel Consultants learn how you like to travel and what kind of activities make your vacation meaningful to you. And when the time comes to book your next journey, we’re ready to provide the exact same personal, one-on-one service.

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