Scenic flights over the Okavango

Jun - 03

Scenic flights over the Okavango

After  doing a mokoro ride it is not yet over about the Okavango delta. Now it is time to view the island and the waterways you have been to. Now you are seeing the beauty and wonders of the Okavango the sandbanks through the crystal clear Okavango delta water. 

Scenic Flights this is done using a single engine fixed wing Cessna aeroplanes.the flight takes about 45bminutes to 1 hour over the Okavango delta.they always take off from Maun airport which is closest to the delta. Scenic flights can be done in the morning and in the afternoon. The delta is at its highest during our winter months (April to July) and during this time most of the small islands are reduced in size,and start showing when the water resides.

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