Game drives

This is the transportation of guests using open safari vehicles in order to view animals. The guests will be informed about the routes they are taking and narrated about what the animals they are seeing are doing. They will be taught about the different sighting they will be coming across, e.g. birds, grass, trees, reptiles, insects including the large mammals. There will be two game drives per day: morning and afternoon.

Benefit the most out of our specials activities:

Game drives, Star Gazing, Boat cruises, Mokoro rides and Scenic flights over the Okavango

Boat cruises

This is done on the wide waterways of the Chobe River. Here one will be viewing animals from the can choose a morning, midday or afternoon cruise; this is the chance to see elephants crossing a river!!

Mokoro rides

This is a traditional canoe which was being used by the early inhabitants of the Okavango delta. It was made of wood but now it is made of fiber glass in order to protect trees.

On this ride one enjoys the tranquil of the Okavango delta and the canoes are poled by experienced polers. One gets closer to the flora and fauna of the Okavango delta. One can overnight on the island to enjoy the night surrounded by wild animals and listening to their sounds. This was the only mode of transportation in the delta. Can be done in the morning and in the afternoon

Star Gazing

This is done on the makgadikgadi saltpans .You visit the pans in the afternoon in order to watch the stars at night. The area is an ancient supper lake which was part of Okavango and Zambezi system through Limpopo into the Indian Ocean. This system has long dried out because of tectonic plates that are active along the system.

Scenic flights over the Okavango

Doing a mokoro ride it is not yet over about the Okavango delta. Now it is time to view the island and the waterways you have been to. Now you are seeing the beauty and wonder of the Okavango the sandbanks through the crystal clear Okavango delta water.

Scenic Flights this is done using a single engine fixed wing Cessna aeroplanes. The flight takes about 45bminutes to 1 hour over the Okavango delta. They always take off from Maun airport which is closest to the delta. Scenic flights can be done in the morning and in the afternoon. The delta is at its highest during our winter months (April to July) and during this time most of the small islands are reduced in size, and start showing when the water resides.

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